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From Five Star Luxury to a Canopy of Heavenly Stars The numerous and varied tribal cultures of the Philippines encapsulates the real Philippines, and Tribal Life celebrates and honors the country’s rich tribal heritage by providing guests an optimal tour and accommodation experience worthy of the no-nonsense nature of tribal peoples.

Winner of the 1999 Kalakbay(national tourism) award, Tribal Adventure Tours Inc. pioneered white water kayaking, rafting, seakayaking and photojournalism expeditions in the Philippines. It operates the award-winning Panay 3day-2night adventure on the neighbouring island of Panay, white water kayaking and rafting on the Tibiao River in Antique, Four Wheel Drive trips into the Cordillera mountains north of Manila, white water rafting on the Chico River near Sagada, sea kayaking and multi-day expeditions in Coron, Palawan, as well as photojournalism expeditions nationwide.

Under the Tribal Holdings Philippines Inc. aegis falls the 5-star Boracay SandCastles The Apartments which is located on White Beach, Boracay. Across on the main island of Panay is the starlit Kayak Inn, featuring very basic native bamboo huts perched above a whitewater Tibiao River, perfect for the intrepid adventurer or the weary traveler longing for the rustic tranquility of upland rural life.

If camping under the stars is your idea of an ideal vacation, let Tribal Adventures iron out the kinks in the experience and arrange it for you with style. Alternatively, you can check in to Camp Calauit open native elevated pavilions or at Palawan SandCastles The Beach House.

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'A genuine adventure experience that honors the country's rich tribal heritage'