Greg Hutchinson

Freelance foreign correspondent, kayaking, mountain biking

Hailing from Sydney, this freelance foreign correspondent arrived in the Philippines as a Reuters correspondent in 1986 and has spent most of that time covering the country’s ups and downs. When not chasing fire engines, he takes trips and expeditions to far-flung corners of the Philippines and beyond. His passion is the preservation of cultures and the environment. Fluent in Indonesian, his goal is to make Tribal Adventures a bridge between tribal northern Australia, the islands of eastern Indonesia and the Philippines — what he calls “The Adventure Corridor”. He is married to Viveca — a Filipina whose father had the hots for a Swedish beauty queen who appeared on TV around the time of his daughter’s birth — who runs SandCastles Beach Retreat.

Steve Rogers

Kayaking, mountain biking, hiking

Long time Philippine resident who got his start in this country in the mid 1970’s under the Peace Corp in Mindanao, Steve speaks several Filipino dialects. His explorations around the country have helped him to become an authority on adventure sports in the Philippines, resulting in his principal authorship of the Action Asia Adventure Guide to the Philippines. A keen river and sea kayaker, as well as a crazy mad trekker, Steve has a good story for every occasion.

Siegrid Bangyay


Certified Sagada tourist-guide member (SEGA), member and potter at the Sagada Ceramics Center, environmentalist and board-member of the Sagada Solid Waste Association, Inc.

Michael Barker

Freelance reporter, editor, surfing, sea kayaking, travel, wine appreciation, yoga

Worked since 1986 in New Zealand and Asia as a journalist for radio, newspapers and international news wire agencies, including Reuters. Covered Philippine financial and general news extensively since 1998 and presently the British Broadcasting Corporation’s country correspondent. Written many features on Philippine issues ranging from politics to tourism, along with daily news coverage.

Rani Dulay

Kayaking, diving

Rani has trained in Thailand with sea canoe before joining Tribal Adventures as senior kayak guide. He has a prolific knowlegge of Calamian flora and fauna and is an active environmentalist, fiercely protective of the extensive reef systems of the Calamianes. He is also a diver, making him as proficient a guide below the water as above it.

Chip Childers

River rafting/kayaking

Having worked for the Australian Parliament, the Japanese Ministry of Education, a New Zealand rafting company, and Loveland, Colorado’s Long John Silvers Sea Food as “Seaman First Class”, coming to the Philippines to work for an adventure sports company was of course the next logical step. Chip speaks Japanese and rudimentary Pilipino, and is the river rafting/kayaking guru. He also writes, guides and digs ditches. Dreams of big canyons which may eat him whole one day.

Omie Mallari

4X4, mountaineering, scuba diving

Manila native Omie is the Sales Manager of a 4WD company, and has blazed many a rough road in Luzon. Has helped organize 4WD trips to deliver food and medicine to isolated rural communities in the mountains. Omie is also a key founder of the University of the Philippines Mountaineers Club, one of the foremost outdoors clubs in the country, and is an avid scuba diver. Married to a tourism professor at the University of the Philippines, so if he doesn’t know an answer to a question, he knows someone who does….

David Fowler

Hiking, caving, mountaineering

After spending years visiting Boracay to satiate his obsession with native paraw sailboats, David moved to Sagada, where this British citizen has called home for the past 10 years. With a contagious enthusiasm for the intriguing cultural and ecological uniqueness of the Sagada area, David accompanies occasional Tribal Adventure trekking and caving tours to Mountain Province. David is an accomplished potter and artist, and has shared his passion with local potters in the Sagada area, and soon, Tibiao.

The Endrico Family


Tibiao locals Edwin, Shelia, Edmund and Jinky keep things lively around the Kayak Inn, and have become excellent ambassadors for the town of Tibiao. Edwin is a master wood carver and has more tricks up his sleeve than MacGuyver. The Tuno village kayaking expert.

Gigit Sulit

Mountain biking, snorkeling, mountaineering, yoga

Member, UP Mountaineers. Gigit has been mountain biking since the late 90s from the local club racing circuits in Toronto, technical single-tracks in New York, and now riding Sagada’s fabled ridges. He has summited Mt. Pulag, Mt. Cristobal, Mt. Pinatubo, Pico de Loro, Tapulao and Tarak Ridge among others. Equally comfortable under water as he is along single-tracks, he often skin dives the country’s coral reefs. An Ashtanga Yoga practicioner for 8 years now, he finds balance between bliss and adrenaline moments.

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