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Finally I learned how to edit this page and remove “Eco”, which is such a trite word. You see those signs in flashy hotels to put towels in bath if you want them washed. Talk about tokenism. That it is par excellence!

Well, let’s talk little: Just tell you to come on a Tribal Adventure with us and assess for yourself about our responsible visitor experience credentials.

Adventure retreat Kayak Inn has long matured into an operation joint venture with members of the Kinaray-a linguistic group of Panay. The lead couple, Edwin and Shiela Endrico, have full financial control of the project on the whiter river The Tibiao. Having honour as tribal people traditionally do, the couple deposit 50% of income after costs and expenses into a rural bank account for Tribal Adventures. They keep the rest. Does that smack of tokenism?

Trying to do the same at Camp Calauit next to Palawan SandCastles in Cheey, Busuanga. But the Tagbanua and Kagayanen tribal peoples there are reluctant campers and aren’t taking up the opportunity to be joint venturers, preferring to be salaried and thus more dependent. Just shows people are different and that no one size fits all.

But efforts have been directed to education instead, first, financing a good part of an initial National High School in the community of Cheey. This got torn away by Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda). So, Tribal Adventures did a crowd sourcing campaign using one of the more prominent mouths in Australian media, George Negus, his and others’ efforts netting nearly $20,000 when you add up the money that came from my own pocket. Generous donors, also in Australia, donated computers and components for the school. The new school is now up, Tribal Adventures having done it’s small part!

Ah, if you want to help maintain the computers and fund internet join the HIKE + BIKE = BUILD A SCHOOL. Read about it in the Day Tour section. It’s a blast!

Liberate yourself!. Come on a trip with Tribal Adventures!


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