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Boracay Day Tour Overview

Beyond Boracay, Tribal Adventures presents the real Philippines: hiking rainforests, rice terraces, and bamboo suspension bridges, to swinging like Tarzan into rock pools of the Bugtong Batu Waterfalls.

This Boracay day trip takes you to Kayak Inn, our basecamp for adventure along Tibiao River, Antique, about two hours from Boracay Island. The tour from Boracay starts early, meeting around 6AM, and is a FULL DAY of adventure activities, before returning to the island at around 6PM.

White Water Kayaking

From beginners to professional white-water kayakers, Tibiao River offers a thrill for all levels of adventurers. Depending on your skill level and the water conditions at the time, our guides will recommend the best part of the river to start and end your kayaking adventure. You will be taught basic kayak skills and will go for a practice paddle before facing the river rapids.

Trekking to Waterfalls

A 30-minute trek from Kayak Inn, hikers will find Bugtong Bato Falls. The hike takes you through upland rice fields and tropical rain forest before arriving at the base of the 7 layered waterfalls. Your guide will take you up to the 4th level of the falls, where you can admire the crash of the water and go for a cool dip. The adventurous can choose to climb a rope up the face of the falls against the rushing water, before jumping back into the pool below.

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Survival Cooking

Up your survival skills by learning the art of preparing food and feasting native-style. Our local guides teach you how to cook rice and prepare local dishes with all natural cooking utensils. You eat what you cook, as well as quite a few other local dishes that the guides will have prepared – including the local coconut wine brew, “tuba”.

Kawa Hot Baths

From cooking with the locals to being cooked by the locals, the kawa hot baths are an experience not to be missed. These large metal wok-like tubs were traditionally used in the sugar production process. Today, they are used as hot baths, heated beneath by an open fire. The water is hot and the local leaves and flowers placed in the water give off an aroma that is unbelievably relaxing. Sitting in a  kawa hot bath with a cold drink to soothe your tired muscles is undoubtedly the best way to end your action-packed Boracay day trip.

The White Water Boracay Day Trip is available year-round. The best time for kayaking is between July and February when the river water level is higher. Contact Tribal Adventures to confirm river conditions for kayaking and to arrange your day tour from Boracay.

  • Duration: Full day
  • Rates:
    Cost per person:
    5+ Persons P 3,700
    4 Persons P 4,600
    3 Persons P 5,750
    2 Persons P 7,500
    Single Departure  P 14,000
  • Inclusion: All boat and land transport, food and beverages (including tuba when available), beer, rum, drinking water, use of Yahoo! white water sit-on kayaks, instruction, porters/guides, use of kawa hot baths are included.
  • What to Bring: Sunscreen, hat, bug repellent, water thermos (beverages are included but we dislike disposable water bottles) walking shoes that will get wet or strong sandals, swim wear, waterproof layer, dry clothes for the ride home, tip money if you chose. (you can purchase water/trekking foot wear, water bottles and day packs from our office in Boracay)
  • Note: In 1999, Tribal Adventures won the National (Kalakbay) Award for the 3-day version, also called Philippine Experience: See Play & Stay. Approximately half of gross income goes directly to the local community.
  • Itinerary:

    DAY TOUR (Sample Itinerary for Day Trip)

    6:00 am Meet at  Boracay SandCastles for coffee, leave at 6:30
    7:00 am Ferry to  Caticlan (guest can meet us at the ferry 7 am sharp)
    7:30 – 8:15 am Drive to  Culasi for tour of a true Pinoy wet-market
    9:30 – 10:30 am Arrive  Kayak Inn base camp in Tuno, continental breakfast and coffee while you have a cooking class in  Gourmet Jungle Dishes
    10:30 am Kayak training, safety procedures and white water river trip (if water to low and dangerous a trek to the river villages of 3 KM)
    12:30 pm Lunch buffet  Tribal Style
    1:30 pm Trek through rice paddies, jungle and over bamboo suspension bridges to the water falls for swimming & climbing & cliff jumping!!
    3:00 pm Soak in  KAWA’S award-winning  Jungle Hot Tubs , inventions of  Kayak Inn , river swimming and enjoying ice cold beverages
    4:30 pm Leave for return trip to  Caticlan
    6:30 pm Ferry back to  Boracay and return to  Boracay SandCastles to watch the day’s video