If you’re looking for a star rating for this tour, we just tell our guests to look up to the heavenly stars from their “kawa” hot tub, and stop counting after they get to a million! Nothing quite compares to the starlit and firefly haven of Tuno, less than two hours by boat and car from Boracay, and the way you will instantly revert to going native in what is Boracay’s consummate answer to Ubud in Bali. Winning the 1999 Kalakbay (National Tourism) Award with Qantas Holidays for the best internationally marketed tour and featured on scores of local and foreign travel shows, this trip mixes the fun with the zany, the bizarre with the pleasurable, the dramatic with the picturesque, the comfort with the rugged. The centerpiece of the tour is experiencing Tribal Adventures’ hot & cold water therapy: the hot kawa heated urns originally used for making mascovado sugar as a finisher to paddling river rafts, getting an intentional pummeling in white water rapids, plunging from waterfalls into cold water rock pools, in having your dead skin devoured by tiny ravenous fish, and in being pampered by masseuses trained in traditional “hilot” therapy.

And fear not if you’re nervous about a whitewater river like the Tibiao, the only Philippine river to have hosted an international kayaking competition with rapids classed at 2 & 3. Tribal Adventures assigns one minder-guide for each paddler for their one person sit-on dedicated white water kayak called a Yahoo! It’s child’s play and you’re free to forgo, concentrating instead on:

  • Hiking the Mount Maja-as environs of rivers, rainforest and rice terraces and crossing bamboo suspension bridges
  • Swinging Tarzan-like into rock pools of the Bugtong Bato Waterfalls
  • Learning the art of preparing and feasting native-style before drinking the local brew “tuba” — or beer or rum — as you trade exhilaration for tranquility in a hot “kawa” tub
  • Relaxing in cold pools, enjoying the ticklish fish spa, taking massages and scrubs at your Tibiao River adventure retreat, Kayak Inn. Before you drift off to sleep in your native cottage above the Tibiao River you’ll enjoy the fire flies, the stars and the camp fires, the locals serenading and playing their home-made instruments and fellow travellers swapping stories and about the events and memories of their day. The trip is a very full 3 days.

Kayaking White Water

** Guests should be 12 and over to kayak and must feel comfortable in the water. They need not have prior experience as instruction is provided and each kayaker has a minder-guide, as well as two guides accompanying paddlers in kayaks. Life vests and helmets are supplied. The kayaks are sit-on boats and if you do fall out your minder-guide is there to pull you out of the brink and set you back on course. The rapids are class 2 & 3 and at any time you can stop if you feel you are above your comfort level and your safety guide will walk you and your gear back to base camp.

**If the water is too low or too fast and assessed as unsafe to kayak we will trek to remote river villages or take a 45 minute drive to do some white water tubing and swimming in a class 1 & 2 river.


Trekking is pitched to an intermediate skill level and it helps to be in shape. But with several guides, you can walk at your preferred pace. You will cross bamboo suspension bridges and negotiate wooded hills and rainforest valleys. You have the choice to climb, repel and jump off waterfalls or just enjoy a good soak under the falls and swim in the mountain river pools. Whatever your adventure level we have it.

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  • Duration: 3 Days / 2 Nights

  • Cost per person:
    4 + Persons P15,000
    3 Persons P16,500
    2 Persons P22,500

    Groups of up to 8 welcome.

  • Inclusion: Transportation to and from Boracay/Airport in private van/truck, park/entrance/guides and all fees, 3 hearty meals and 2 meriendas a day, drinks including free beer and rum, beach/bath towel, safety training/equipment/personal safety guide, personal river kayak, fish spa, massage, body scrubs, cold pools and option of 2 nights’ accommodation in private tent, hammock, or traditional crushed bamboo and nipa pavilion at Kayak Inn (or with an extra charge of 2,000 pesos per person (twin share) including two-way transfers, staying at Angelos Sea Side Bungalows or similar, 35 minutes from Kayak Inn. A single person supplement of 50% applies, pricing accommodation at Angelos with transfers at 3,000 pesos for the two nights.

  • What to bring: Sunscreen, hat, bug repellent, refillable water container as you will be provided only a single new plastic mineral water bottle that you will need to refill, walking shoes that will get wet or strong sandals, swim wear, waterproof layer, dry clothes, educational giveaways like crayons for children in place of tip money. (You can purchase water/trekking foot wear, water bottles and day packs at Tribal Cafe at Boracay SandCastles The Apartments.)

  • Accommodation: Accommodation is simple but comfy in a native cottage with private bath, bedroom and balcony, or even simpler but closer to being rated a million stars in a tent or in a hammock.

    You may choose to upgrade to a beachside resort about 35 minutes drive away at a cost including two way transport from and back to Kayak Inn @ 2,000 pesos per person on a twin share basis for the two nights or 3,000 pesos for a single person for the two nights.

  • Note: A National Tourism (Kalakbay Award) winner, Tribal Adventures puts its money where its ecotourism mouth is, by splitting income 50:50 with the local people at Kayak Inn, Antique and Camp Calauit, Palawan.

  • Itinerary:

    DAY 1

    8:00 am Meet at Tribal Cafe main road Coron for coffee
    9:00 am Take a ferry to Caticlan, then transfer to private van transport.
    10:30 – 12:00 am Arrive in Culasi for tour of a true Pinoy wet-market before proceeding to La Paz, trekking jump off point. This 2-3 hour trek will introduce you to the rainforest and mountainous regions of Mt Madja-as, height 2,250 metres. Packed lunch along the way.
    3:00 – 4:00 pm Arrive at Kayak Inn for fiesta-style (buffet) the Tribal way at Kayak Inn, a unique dining experience.
    5:30 pm Practice paddle from the village of Tuno back to kayak Inn, enjoying a siesta, a soak in a KAWA, Tribal Adventures signature hot tub. Or river swim and enjoy ice cold beverages, snacks and hiking. Participate in jungle cooking, eat dinner and swap experiences over beers, rum, and tuba. Illuminate the night with a camp fire, fire flies and the stars above from your Kawa. Turn in when you want.
    note: ** If you are staying in Angelo’s Beach Huts you will need to leave by 8 pm and return to Kayak Inn by 8am

    DAY 2

    7:00 am Wake up to fresh brewed coffee tea and breakfast and a river swim to splash the cob webs out Visit Tibiao to experience a fish spa where fish nibble your dead skin on your feet and legs. See what makes the pineapple fiber (pina) one of the most sought after textiles in the world from the creators of the woven material the women of Panay island. Or opt to go to villages to where the locals get their pots. You too can try your hand. But this is native earthenware pottery so they don’t travel well. But they’re as cheap as chips, functional and REAL. Like everything on this tour, nothing is for the tourist! Be content with pictures, memories (and broken earthenware should you buy some and take them home).
    10:00 am Back to Kayak Inn for a snack and kayak training, safety procedures and your first white water river trip, downriver from Kayak Inn.
    10:30 – 12:00 am Arrive in Culasi for tour of a true Pinoy wet-market before proceeding to La Paz, trekking jump off point. This 2-3 hour trek will introduce you to the rainforest and mountainous regions of Mt Madja-as, height 2,250 metres. Packed lunch along the way.
    12:00 – 1:00 pm Lunch and chill-out time
    2:00 pm Trek through rice paddies, jungle and over bamboo suspension bridges to the waterfalls for swimming, climbing & cliff jumping!! Enjoy the KAWAs, river swimming and beverages.
    4:00 pm Eat dinner and swap experiences over beers, rum, tuba. The local band might turn up, just try not to give them too many beers or they will not leave.
    note: ** If you are staying in Angelo’s Beach Huts you will need to leave by 8 pm; back by 8am next day.

    DAY 3

    7:30 am Wake up to fresh brewed coffee tea and breakfast and a river swim to splash the cob webs out Hike up stream to remote river villages where our kayaks will be waiting for a heart-pumping paddle back to Kayak Inn. If you choose not to kayak you can trek to the upper waterfalls.
    pm Lunch and chill-out time
    pm Leave for Malumpati cold pools and say your good byes to the locals of Kayak Inn and Tuno, who will now feel like family!
    pm Arrive at Malumpati cold pools and hike through lush rainforest and coconut groves for a refreshing dip in turquoise blue water. Tube the gentle rapids back.
    pm Leave for Boracay and arrive at Tribal Cafe for Sunset. And where to stay or what to do next?
    Other options: **** Or opt to STAY THE TRIBAL WAY and just beachcomb. Or PLAY & STAY THE TRIBAL WAY on a multi-day expedition either at budget level (under a million stars in tents and pavilions), or premium standard (in local resorts). Or create your own program a DAY (TRIP) at a time and get your second and subsequent nights free at Camp Calauit Busuanga or Dalara Mountain and Sea View Inn Coron with free food/beverages thrown in! You pay and play a second FULL DAY, you stay for free the second night. You pay and play a third FULL DAY and you stay the third night, and so on, your simple but hearty meals, beer and rum, like your rustic accommodation with shared bathroom, free of charge!Refer to STAY THE TRIBAL WAY on tribaladventures.com for accommodation options, facilities.End of Tour