Paddling the Calamian Islands in true sea kayaksGo native like the seafaring Tagbanua, paddling your own kayak at your own pace but with the assurance of a high degree of professional organization and support that leaves little to guess work. Tap your Robinson Crusoe instincts and do what the Tagbanua of the Calamian Islands in the Western Philippines have been doing for centuries: paddle a tropical sea paradise described by the late Jacques Cousteau as “the last frontier”. calamian-kayak-expedition2 kayak and camp calamian-kayak-expedition3

The Calamianes number some 220 islands and all of them are accessible by kayak if you have a year to spare. If you don’t, Tribal Adventures can condense 12 months into 12 days or less and provide the ultimate paddling experience. It does just this for prominent adventure companies Mountain Travel Sobek and EcoFirst Adventures. As you paddle from island to island in small groups (or even on your own with a knowledgeable guide), staying in budget tented camps, you’ll be emulating the ‘tread lightly’ approach of the Tagbanua and sending a strong message endorsing low-impact interaction with a ‘last frontier’ environment. Yes, you will experience spectacular tropical wilderness scenery, perfect paddling conditions, exhilarating snorkeling, wild primary rainforest, and golden, empty beaches. Besides kayaking and snorkeling to your heart’s delight, you’ll visit Coron Island, spiritual hub of the local Tagbanua people, who gather swallows’ nests from the island’s limestone caves. You’ll also have excursions to Culion, an old-Spanish fort that was built by America as a dedicated leper colony and Calauit, a wildlife sanctuary. If you wish to kayak the east side of Coron with a support boat we only do that trip at the Comfy Camping level: See the Circumnavigation of Coron by kayak  expedition. coron-kayak2  calamian-kayak-expedition5  mangrove paddling

  • Duration:  2-14 days

  • Cost: Per person per 24-hour day for Calamian Kayak Expedition: Unsupported with provision of sea kayak, life vest, paddle, skirt & guide

    Cost per person:
    4 + Persons P4,025 per day
    3 Persons P5,463 per day
    2 Persons P6,325 per day
    1 Person P7,475 per day


    With support banca & crew, budget camping and cruise/kayaking provisioning with kayaks, equipment & guide and including park entrance & camping fees.

    Cost per person:
    4 + Persons P5,750 per day
    3 Persons P6,900 per day
    2 Persons P9,200 per day
    1 Person P17,250 per day
  • Inclusion:  Provision of sea kayak, paddle, life vest, spray skirt for unsupported and supported Calamian Kayak Expedition.  For banca supported Calamian Kayak Expedition included are: Meals: 3 meals a day and 2 snacks (meriendas), purified water, beer, soft drinks, fresh native coffee and tea. Accommodation: accommodation in budget tented beach camps but including camp mattress, linen, towel, soap solar water bag shower, chemical porta-loo. Note:  Camping and cooking equipment can be hired from Tribal Adventures of unsupported kayaking expeditions for an additional 500 pesos per person per 24-hour day for tent and half-mattress and additional 500 pesos per person per 24-hour day for cooking equipment including gas stove and utensils. Final note : We do not calculate fractions of days. We have other punters’ bookings to consider. If you’re overdue by more than an hour beyond a 24-hour day you are charged for the full 24-hour day, despite having 23 unused hours.

  • Activities Use of foot-controlled rudder kayaks, snorkel, mask and fins (guest supplies booties), experienced guide Sea Kayaking, Beach Camping and Skin Diving with Outback Greg on his Tribal Adventures Tour French adventurers: Autour de Coron (Philippines – 2009)

  • Within pretty wide perameters, email your desired route or destinations and we’ll email you back a provisional itinerary subject to your approval