Circumnavigation of Coron Island by outrigger banca & sea kayak

A circumnavigation of Coron Island by sea kayak with the use of a private support banca or bancas used to carry camping equipment and kayaks where needed or desired. The level of camping is at comfortable deluxe standard with tents for couples and singles, solar bag showers and a porta-loo. A support team comprises a cook, a camp operator as well as the boat captain and guide’s.

  • Cost per person:
    4 + Persons P7,475 per day
    3 Persons P8,338 per day
    2 Persons P10,063 per day
    1 Person P12,650 per day
  • Inclusions

    Sea kayak for paddler/s & guide/s; guide fee; snorkel/mask; full provisions for 3 meals and 2 meriendas a day as well as drinks including beer, rum, fresh juices and real tea and coffee. Tents for couples and singles. Mattresses with sheets, pillow. Towels and basic toiletries. A hammock per kayakers for noon siestas and for comfort at camp sites.

    PLEASE NOTE: If not advised otherwise, fresh fish will be the staple protein for lunch and dinner, with meat being secondary–usually as an addition to fish and squid. Fresh vegetables and fruit may be expected with lunch and dinner. Should you want crabs, prawns, bugs or lobster you will need to pay extra: You’ll be invited to purchase such fresh food items, if available, with your Tribal Adventures’ team at the start of your expedition,  and when possible, during your expedition: Expect to budget an extra 1,000 pesos + per adult per day. You will need to bring cash as the crew will not have the budget for crabs, prawns, bugs or lobster.

  • A camera, GoPro, GPS can really come in handy. Bring fins if you need flippers as Tribal Adventures only provides snorkel and mask for each participant. But most important with this expedition to the traditional territory of the native Tagbanua is to be predisposed to be blown-away, your face contorted continually by the jaw-dropping wonder of it all — rugged limestone island with lagoons, lakes, caves, undercut cliffs, pretty super white and soft sandy beaches, emerald waters and beautiful reefs for snorkeling, a vigorous native culture that ensures the sustainability of the Tagbanua’s treasured way of life. It is simple: fishing, harvesting birds nests and seaweed. But as is characteristic with tribal peoples there’s another very complex layer. Imagine when we enter a little-visited lagoon on the remote east side of Coron, we paddlers must keep quiet. We don’t know the language of the lagoon so silence is demanded on pain of punishment. Been whipped lately? Harsh? Well, it’s kept the environment intact ever since a political leader caught cutting trees was punished for his wrongdoing.

    A sense of humor won’t go astray.

  • Accommodation is what Tribal Adventures terms “comfy”

    Single or twin tropical (airy) tents with perma-rest style mattresses, hotel linen and real pillows (we have those tiny camp pillows if you yearn for the rawer feel of camping as a youngster).

    A bath and beach towel each with basic toiletries

    Common porta-loo & solar bag showers

  • Sample Itinerary and what you might like to keep in mind

    Tribal Adventures tailors each and every trip so we can best accommodate the wishes of our participants. We want to know your approximate age, what your interests are (you might be interested in geology, anthropology, be a teacher so you want to visit a school). We also want to know what kind of adventure experience you’re interested in: Do you favor a workout, a moderate physical experience or a slow, relaxed adventure, with paddling being a minor component. Most important we want to know whether you favor paddling a double, a single or you don’t have a preference but you’re happy to paddle either or both during your expedition. For our expeditions we use mainly Wilderness Systems North Star double kayaks. These have a large capacity for storage. The Wilderness Systems Tsunami 165s and 175s are the preferred singles but we also have Perception Carolina singles available.

    Following is a three-day basic itinerary of an Australian couple doing the circumnavigation of Coron by sea kayak with the use of a private support banca with Tribal Adventures.

    The level of camping is at comfortable deluxe standard with tents for couples and singles, solar bag showers and a porta-loo. A support team comprises a cook, a camp operator as well as the boat captain and guide.


    DAY 1

    If weather cooperates we leave on motorised outrigger banca with kayaks from loading area of Corontown to the east coast of Coron island, paddling from Cabugao through to the Secret lagoon, under undercut cliffs if it’s lowish tide and on to our white sand beach campsite in a lovely lagoonTwin with towering limestone cliffs above. L,D (If the amihan (east wind) is too strong according to boat captain and guide the trip will go down the west coast instead–with attempts made when the wind drops to get around to the east coast, even if briefly. The paddle would then be up the west coast, camping at two sites on the west coast)

    DAY 2

    Break camp after breakfast and paddle Calis lagoon and round Calis peninsula, entering if tide correct into Cathedral Cave for short exploration. Proceed to Calis lagoons on west coast, paddling north to camp site. B,L,D

    DAY 3

    Day 3 – Breakfast and break camp. We paddle the western coast of Coron Island, stopping at beaches and snorkelling at whim, reaching Skeleton Wreck, a cave and plenty of lagoons, including Twin Lagoon and Kayangan lake. After lunch we paddle back across to Siete Pecados and then on to Coron town or we hitch a ride to town on the banca. B,L

    – End Itinerary –