Gigantes islandGrab your walis–that’s a broom or broomstick in Filipino–and get on-board this fascinating, no-holds-barred adventure through the mystical and picturesque land of the aswang–that translates to witch–finishing up at Party Central, B O R A C A Y, renowned for having Asia’s, if not the planet’s, best beach!

By foot, outrigger boat, jeepney and kayak–and dare we say walis–you’ll explore this colorful paradise of verdant, remote and pulsating islands, lifting the lid on a people and a place exhibiting the wonderful contradictions that is humanity and this planet. But be assured the locals will never stop smiling and laughing–Filipinos can’t help it. And it’s contagious. You’ll get the bug!

  • Cost per person:
    15 Persons P 27,819
    14 Persons P 28,745
    13 Persons P 29,670
    12 Persons P 30,596
    11 Persons P 31,522.
    10 Persons P 32,448
    9 Persons P 33,373
    8 Persons P 34,299
    7 Persons P 35,225
    6 Persons P 36,151
    5 Persons P 37,076
    4 Persons P 38,002
    3 Persons P 38,928
    2 Persons P 39,854
    1 Person P 79,707
  • Inclusions

    Day 1-3: Transfer in; banca for 3days/2nights; accommodation; services of Tribal Adventures guide; services of local guide. Meals NOT included. (Budget 2,000 pesos for food and drink)

    Day 3-5: Private van/s transport from Carles to Kayak Inn; shared accommodation at Kayak Inn 2nights/3days; ALL meals at Kayak Inn and drinks including beer, rum and tuba; activities; services of Tribal Adventures guide and local guides, who include one guide/porter per kayaker.

    Day05-06: Accommodation for 2 days/1 night; use of SandCastles beachfront. NOT included is public bus transport (200-300 pesos); Boracay environmental fee, terminal fee at Caticlan & Cagban jettyports, boat and tricycle fares of around 450 pesos two-way); public bus to Kalibo with tricycle to airport (250-400 pesos)

  • Itinerary

    DAY 1-3

    Meet and pick up from Boracay, or Caticlan, Kalibo or Iloilo Airports. Transfer by private van/s to Bgy Bancal, Carles, Iloilo (5 hours from Boracay; 4-1/2 hours from Caticlan; 3 hours from Kalibo; 5 hours from Iloilo City). Take motorised outrigger boat (banca) for 3day/2 night tour of Gigantes Islands, hiking, swimming, snorkeling–staying in local resort/s.

    DAY 3-5

    Take boat back to Carles, meeting private van/s for 5 hour + trip to Kayak Inn, Tuno, Tibiao. En route, we get out of van/s and hike 3-1/2 kms into Malumpati Cold Springs, the van/s driving 17 kms to meet us on the other side of the spring/river. After exploring its source and swimming in its emerald green waters we drive on to Culasi and guests go shopping in the local market with Tribal Adventures’ guide. The next 3 days is full board, all the food fresh and sourced locally. This area is known for its native products like Mascovado, sugar made in big tubs called kawa. Arrive at Kayak Inn, Tuno, Tibiao, 20 minutes after leaving Culasi. Check-in to shared native bungalows overlooking Tibiao River. Three days of hiking, mountain biking, river kayaking, waterfall exploration, soaking in heated kawas as guests sip a cold San Miguel or native Tuba coconut wine!

    DAY 5

    Hike out of Kayak Inn after lunch to meet local public bus for transport to Caticlan for boat trip across to Boracay. In Boracay, guests will check in to local native-style resort close to Tribal Adventures’ own SandCastles The Apartments, the beachfront of which will be made available for your clients.

    – End Itinerary –