Hike + Bike = School


Cheey National High School, prior to Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda), was native, part of it funded by Tribal Adventures through its novel HIKE + BIKE = BUILD A SCHOOL. Kids had to walk 30 kms to get to the nearest high school so we took over their track, turned it into a mountain biking blast, and initially ALL income from the tour when to build the first high school in Cheey, where Tribal Adventures’ base camp is at Palawan SandCastles/Camp Calauit. Haiyan destroyed the school which got Tribal Adventures crowd sourcing: Now there is a new school and lots of computers donated by generous friends of the Philippines in Australia. If you want to help, you can bring school supplies or computer gadgetry like usb’s OR participate in the HIKE + BIKE = BUILD A SCHOOL with 10% of your participation cost going to the Cheey National High School computer program for the students.

Then there’s Camp Calauit, fashioned on Kayak Inn in Antique, what we call an operational joint venture. Tribal Adventures supplies the capital and the local community run the adventure camp, depositing 50% of net into a local account for the company. Full day-to-day management and financial control rests with members of the Kinaray-a linguistic group under the leadership of Edwin Endrico, a native of Tuno. the Tibiao Riverside village where Kayak Inn is located. It’s early days for Camp Calauit and members of the Tagbanua and Kagayanen tribes. But with funds flowing in from the dividends from Kayak Inn progress is being made towards making this project, which is located adjacent to Palawan SandCastles in Cheey, an operational joint venture also: It’s liberating for tribal peoples, long constrained by feudalism by the greedy and powerful and paternalism by many do-gooders even of the so-called eco-touristic variety.

So how do you help? Stay at Camp Calauit, Kayak Inn, even Palawan SandCastles and Boracay SandCastles The Apartments, the latter two more conventional for-full-profit ventures. Inevitably much of our net earnings get plowed back into the communities in which we operate. Same thing with Tribal Adventures’ tours and expeditions.

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