3 days
Antique, Panay Island

If you’re looking for a star rating for this tour, we just tell our guests to look up to the stars in the sky from their “kawa” hot tub, and stop counting after they get to a million! Nothing quite compares to the starlit and firefly haven of Tuno village, less than two hours by boat and car from Boracay.

This 3-day tour highlights the best of what Panay Island’s west coast has to offer. The trip takes you on inland hikes through jungle and rice paddies to get to cold springs and waterfalls, and gives the best views of Tibiao river – from rolling around in the whitewater rapids on a kayak and from above the treetops on a zipline.

The centerpiece of the tour is experiencing Tribal Adventures’ hot & cold water therapy: the hot kawa heated urns, originally used for making mascovado sugar, as a finisher to plunging from waterfalls into cold water rock pools and getting an intentional pummeling from kayaking white water rapids.

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION  Boracay SandCastles the Apartments
DEPARTURE TIME  Breakfast at 6:00AM – departure by 6:30AM
  • Malumpati Cold Springs
  • Malalison Island
  • Whitewater Kayaking on the Tibiao River
  • Bugtong Bato Waterfalls
  • Tibiao Fish Spa
  • Culasi Market Experience
  • Pottery Making
  • Zipline over Tibiao River
ACCOMMODATION  Native cottages at Kayak Inn, along the bank of Tibiao River



You don’t need prior experience to kayak, but should be comfortable in the water. A minder-guide, as well as two guides in kayaks, accompany each group. The kayaks are sit-on boats and if you do fall out your minder-guide is there to pull you out of the brink and set you back on course. The rapids are class 2 & 3 and at any time you can stop if you feel you are above your comfort level and your safety guide will walk you and your gear back to base camp.

If the water is too low or too fast and assessed as unsafe to kayak, we trek to remote river villages or take a 45 minute drive to do some white water tubing and swimming in a class 1 & 2 river


Trekking is pitched to an intermediate skill level and it helps to be in shape. But with several guides and multiple routes to choose from, you can go at your own pace and choose the adventure level you feel comfortable with.


Day 1 : Whitewater and Waterfalls

  • Meet at Boracay SandCastles for breakfast
  • Transfer to Caticaln, then on to Culasi
  • Culasi wet-market experience
  • Whitewater Kayaking
  • Jungle cooking class
  • Trek to Bugtong Bato Waterfalls to swim in the rock pools
  • Return to Kayak Inn to soak in the Kawas


Day 2 : Jungle Trek or Island Experience

  • Drive to Culasi to catch a boat to Malalison Island
  • Back to the mainland and transfer to check-in at Kayak Inn
  • Relaxing dip in the Kawa Hot Tubs


Day 3 : Pottery and Cold Springs

  • Pottery making
  • Zip Line
  • Fish Spa
  • Malumpati Cold Springs
  • Transfer back to Boracay
4+ PERSONS  PHP 20,700
3 PERSONS  PHP 21,822
2 PERSONS  PHP 28,463
  • Private transportation to and from Boracay / airport
  • Park entrance, environmental and guide fees
  • 3 Hearty meals and 2 meriendas a day
  • Drinks - including beer and rum
  • Activities and equipment
  • Accommodation