9 days
Calamian Islands, Northern Palawan

Let the wind and your paddle strokes take you to the remote corners of the Calamianes group of islands, home to the seafaring Tagbanua, Kagayanen and other tribespeople.

This 9-day expedition is special: we use a luxury motorised sailing catamaran with sea kayaks atop to knock on the door of the unique native cultures of the Calamian Islands — billed as the “Last Frontier” by Jacques Cousteau.

With sea kayaks, we open the door to the intriguing maritime cultures of the seafaring Tagbanua and the Kagayanen. We do what they’ve done for centuries — paddle, getting closer to nature and their gods. It’s no accident their deities are a giant octopus and barracuda. Nor is it by chance they live by the sea in makeshift bamboo huts for just 6 months until the prevailing wind switches. And, it’s axiomatic their dugouts and small outrigger paddle and Briggs & Stratton 2-stroke bancas are the means to tap the richness of the sea to bring up their catch of lobster, fish, trepang, shells and seaweed.

It’s their catch our cook will turn into a feast!

Yes, we bring on board a cook who prepares three meals a day and two meriendas (native snacks)

A range of drinks are available including quality wine on this Tribal Adventures’ 9-day exploration of the remoter and quieter corners of Coron, Busuanga and Culion, and their satellite islands which together make up the Calamianes.

Each trip is tailored according to the time of year and participants’ interests. Do reach out at tours@tribaladventures.com for more information or to schedule your Sail & Kayak the Calamian.

  • Dugong spotting
  • Ryukan Mangrove Channel
  • Calauit Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Black Island
  • Sangat Island
  • Coron Island
  • Busuanga River
  • Pamalican Island
  • 1 night at Palawan SandCastles
  • 6 nights in Cat cabin
  • 1 night at deluxe hotel


We’ll be stopping to snorkel often: In addition to sea kayaks for all, Tribal Adventures will have snorkels and masks available for each person. The expedition runs year-round. The preferred dates for exploring the remotest corners of the Calamian is June to October. 

These are a people who attained ancestral domain (ownership) by the mid-90s of not only of the island of Coron but surrounding waters. Even the Inuit and Australian aboriginal tribal peoples had to wait longer! Gaining the respect they had longed for, the Tagbanua — through the Council of Elders — have ensured the sustainability of their way of life and their beloved Island, by among others things by implementing justice. Come on a journey reassessing our own precepts about law and justice with the leader of this expedition, Greg Hutchinson, Founder of Tribal Adventure Tours, a veteran foreign correspondent, lawyer and published author. He wishes his own native peoples could have the choice to whip wayward Tagbanua politicians, as the Tagbanua elders have been known to do!

In Coron, we will penetrate the Secret Lagoon, a site so sacred the Tagbanua have a separate dialect for the area. There and elsewhere we will paddle glassy clear waters, gliding below undercut cliffs for kilometers and kilometres—losing any true sense of time as if we’re caving. These cave-like undercuts have been dubbed Coron's "time-tunnels".  And, there will be real caves we come across that we can explore--and lose sense of time, but in the process gain better understanding of the unique worldview of the Tagbanua. And then there are the beaches where we drop paddle and string up our hammocks that we carry in our kayaks. In the heat of the day, there's nothing like a string hammock strung underneath an undercut cliff, the seawater lapping on your body as the tide rises.

Aboard the Admiral catamaran, will be tents should you get the urge to stay on a beach on a special night. Just give us a heads up beforehand that you might be in the mood to beachcomb and stay off the boat on one or more nights.

Your beach camp might have a towering limestone backdrop or be on a sandbar with sunrise and sunset visible from your camp bed, which comprises a camp mattress with linen sheets and a real pillow. Whichever, you’re on a true Tribal Adventure on the land and on the waters of the Tagbanua and Kagayanen. 


Day 1

Pick up and transfer 1 hour by 4×4 to Palawan SandCastles, base of Tribal Adventures and jump-off point for your kayak sea safari of the remote Calamianes. Check into comfortable, native-style fan-cooled seaside pavilion with mini-plunge pool and private bathroom. Tour orientation, gear check, kayak and snorkel/mask try-out, L, D

Day 2

Check out after breakfast, boarding loaded banca for start of sea safari. Stop near south-east Calauit and kayak through long mangrove estuary and across a bay to Calauit Reception Centre: Walking wildlife safari commences, lasting some 2 hours until lunch. Kayaking resumes, paddlers shadowed by banca Arrive at Black island by kayak (or banca). As the crew sets up camp, you can explore a cave behind the camp site which was once the scene for a Survivor series—Czech actually. Dinner on the beach under the stars. B,L,D

Day 3

Breakfast. Snorkel while crew breaks camp. Paddle out of camp by circling the island if conditions permit. Hitch a ride on the banca for an hour or so, stopping to paddle, dropping paddle to visit idyllic sand-ringed and palm-fringed islands and snorkel their reefs. After lunch we’re back on board to scout for our next camp site: a beach on or off Popopotan would appear as remote as we can get and stay to our schedule. Dinner in camp under the stars. B,L,D

Day 4

Paddle out of camp while crew decamps. Explore the Coral Bay-Galoc area by kayak. Late morning pick up by banca. Cruise to Lusong reef for wondrous reef snorkel. Lunch. Then it is off to what we have come to call Nemo Reef, off Culion. Try to locate the cuties! Mid-afternoon we arrive at the town of Culion, checking in to Maya Hotel. Crew resupplies expedition. Town exploration follows, opening our minds to issues surrounding leprosy, though long since gone from this which was once the world’s largest leper colony. B,L,D

Day 5

Having charged batteries, taken breakfast and checked out of Maya Hotel, we hug the coast in our kayaks to get a true feeling for this picturesque place and its residents before finding a mangrove channel and shortcut to our next destination: Malcapuya. We check the place out before getting on the boat and crossing to Ditaytayan Island, paddling it and arriving at a camping spot. The one our guests most favour has a sunrise and sunset vantage point! B,L,D

Day 6

Breakfast and break camp. Cruise to Coron Island where we kayak its lagoons, eventually finding a camp site, which acts as a base for us to do some personal exploration by sea kayak and snorkel. B,L,D

Day 7

After breakfast and as the crew breaks camp, more superlative paddling awaits—kayaking undercut cliffs, penetrating caves and lagoon, and also dropping paddle at secluded beaches. With hammocks at the ready, we’re ready to intersperse some intense activity with siestas, stringing up our hammocks between palm trees, in the undercuts themselves allowing the water to lap on our sleepy bodies. As always, the boat will be close by and the crew at ready to serve lunch and merienda. Camp on another Coron Island beach. A good bye feast under the stars. B,L,D

Day 8

Break camp after breakfast and cruise to the touristy area of Coron Island: If you wish to visit Kayangan Lake, Barracuda Lake or kayak or swim between the Twin Lagoons, this is your opportunity! Will have you at a Coron hotel like the Corto del mar mid-afternoon. 6pm pick up for Maquinit hot spring bath and barbecue. Back in your hotel by 9pm. B,L,D

Day 9

Transfer out to airport after breakfast and hotel check out.

2 PERSONS PHP 209,121
1 PERSONS PHP 399,299
  • Private transportation to and from Coron Town or Busuanga Airport
  • Park entrance, environmental and guide fees
  • Tribal Adventures kayak guide & a native Tagbanua tribal guide
  • chef-cooked quality meals, meriendas,  sundowners
  • Drinks - including quality wine beer and rum
  • Personal sea kayak
  • Snorkel and mask
  • Accommodation in single or double catamaran cabin, as the case may be
  • Deluxe hotel or resort accommodation at start (Night 1) and end of expedition (Night 8)
  • Optional beach tent stay

All-inclusive expedition from pick up from airport to check-in at airport: Nothing to pay: wine, beer and local spirits also included. Palawan SandCastles & Corto del mar 4+ star hotel or similar. Optional camping under a million heavenly stars.

Unlike Tribal Adventures’ other expeditions, this deluxe expedition includes an expedition menu inclusive of locally-sourced fresh crabs, prawns, bugs and lobster

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