Go for a wild ride down white water rapids either in your own single kayak or in an inflatable raft. The thrill making it all the way downstream is an adventure not to be missed!

An award-winning Panay tour that takes you from the mountains to the sea, exploring some of the best of the island’s western coastline, from inland waterfalls to island hikes.

3 days
Antique, Panay Island

An 5-day adventure that takes you across the breadth of Panay, from the beautiful Gigantes islands of northern Iloilo, to the mountains and rivers of Antique.

5 days
Panay Island

Escape the crowds of Boracay on adventure-packed day trip with white water river kayaking, hiking, cliff diving at waterfalls, and a relaxing dip in kawa hot tubs.

Full day
Tibiao, Antique, Panay
4.50 / 2 reviews