2-5 days
4/5 unsupported; 3/5 supported
Coron Island, Palawan

Experience the whole of Coron Island, from its tourist highlights through to its secret lagoons and jaw-dropping undercut limestone cliffs. This Coron adventure takes you down to the southern point of Coron Island, Calis Point – a less frequented part of the island, where you rarely meet another tourist. You will meet the local Tagbanua tribespeople and with the help of your Tribal Adventures guide, learn about their way of life and the stories and myths that underline the mystery and majesty of Coron Island.

Unless you’re an experienced, seasoned paddler the trip should be done with a support boat. The amihan or easterly wind can blow up quickly and whip up 2 & 3 metre waves on the eastern side of Coron. Should you be relatively fit and at least an average paddler you would want to give yourself four days to paddle the full 80+ kms round Coron–with or without a support boat. If you’re very fit and an efficient paddler you can circle Coron Island, with brief visits to some of its wondrous lagoons, in three days.

Should you want to be a passenger on the support boat for more than half the distance, stopping to paddle the many lagoons, limestone undercuts and do the inland hikes to lakes and caves, then an overnight 2-day expedition can suffice.

For a single participant or a couple, there is the option to enjoy the use of a motorised sailing Admiral 38 catamaran in place of a support outrigger banca at an additional 25%.

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION  Palawan SandCastles or Coron town
ACCOMMODATION  Comfy tropical camping on white sand beaches


The intended itinerary below is a 3-day expedition with a motorized support boat, paddling only the choice spots on Coron's coastline. Doing the trip unsupported would require at least 5 days for the average kayaker.



Day 1 : Eastern Coast

If the weather cooperates we leave on motorized outrigger banca with kayaks from loading area of Coron Town to the east coast of Coron island, paddling from Cabugao through to the Secret lagoon, under undercut cliffs if it’s lowish tide and on to our white sand beach campsite with towering limestone cliffs above. If the Amihan (east wind) is too strong according to boat captain and guide, the trip will go down the west coast instead–with attempts made when the wind drops to get around to the east coast, even if briefly. The paddle would then be up the west coast, camping at two sites on the west coast).

Day 2 : Calis Point

Break camp after breakfast and paddle Calis lagoon and round Calis peninsula, entering if tide correct into Cathedral Cave for short exploration. Proceed to Calis lagoons on the west coast, paddling north to the campsite.

Day 3 : West Coast and Highlights

Breakfast and break camp. We paddle the western coast of Coron Island, stopping at beaches and snorkelingng at whim, reaching Skeleton Wreck, a cave and plenty of lagoons, including Twin Lagoon and Kayangan Lake. After lunch, we paddle back across to Siete Pecados and then on to Coron town or we hitch a ride to town on the banca.


Unsupported with the provision of sea kayak, simple camping gear, life vest, paddle, skirt & guide, but NOT including food & drink nor park entrance & camping fees. Add boat drop off near Calis Point costing 9,000 pesos November to March (good for 1-6 persons) during the easterly 'amihan' months.

4+ PERSONS  PHP 6,171 per day
3 PERSONS  PHP 8,028 per day
2 PERSONS  PHP 8,891 per day
1 PERSON  PHP 10,029 per day


With support banca & crew, Tribal Adventures' signature "comfy" camping and cruise/kayaking/food/drink provisioning with kayaks, equipment & guide, park entrance & camping fees.

4+ PERSONS PHP 14,328 per day
3 PERSONS  PHP 15,316 per day
2 PERSONS  PHP 17,680 per day
1 PERSON  PHP 27,276 per day

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