Kayak Inn offers rustic bamboo hut accommodation in Tibiao River, Antique, and is a basecamp for adventure - white water kayaking, trekking & kawa hot tubs.

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Tibiao, Antique
Ground zero for wreck and reef diving, Palawan SandCastles is an adventure camp for kayaking, mountain biking and snorkeling in northern Busuanga.Kayak Inn
3 days +
Busuanga, Palawan
Choose to explore or to relax - go at your own pace with the Palawan SandCastles Leisure package, with transfers, accommodation, daily breakfast and use of kayaks and mountain bikes all included.
3 days +
Busuanga, Palawan
Camp under the stars and act out a Robinson Crusoe life for 24 hours on an idyllic palm-fringed and coral-ringed tropical island.
24 hours
By 4x4 & on foot discover how a people turn mountains into dramatic rice terraces and human bodies into works of art. Meet tattooist Whang Od, age 100+, on a culture trip that wraps up on a popular Luzon surf break
7 days
Cordillera, Northern Luzon