Coron self-guided 3-day kayak trip with boat drop-off

Silence reigns

Kayak Coron’s karst limestone coast & lagoons and emulate the masters of paddling, the Indigenous Tagbanua. The Tagbanua own and control Coron Island and a large part of the sea surrounding it, and paddling has been at the core of their culture since time immemorial. It has had to be: the island’s coastline and interior are impenetrable. Harvesting birds nests, fishing and seaweed harvesting are the people’s mainstays. Their bamboo huts are perched below towering and rugged limestone cliffs.

Paddling informs the Tagbanua’s view of their world: In their biggest lake, Lake Cabugao, their principle deity, the Giant Octopus, lurks. Their lagoons mean so much to them that in one of the lagoons there’s a distinct language of the lagoon. If you don’t know it — and only a few surviving Elders do still know the tongue — you stay silent on pain of punishment.

Tribal Adventures is offering a self-guided paddle in sit-in single or double expedition sea kayaks for three days and two nights after being dropped off at the far southern tip of Coron Island near Calis Point.

Why self-guided when Tribal Adventures’ other trips are guided? Because the route is simple, line-of-sight. Participants can also trace their return on the motorised Filipino outrigger banca that delivers them to the start of the paddle.

And, when you time your trip with the easterly ‘amihan’ prevailing wind from November to March you have the wind at your backs for the full length of the west coast, with benign conditions beyond — allowing a relaxing paddle of 30 to 40 kms from Calis Point to the where you boarded the boat. The start and finish is at the I AM CORON pontoon in the town of Coron. (The town of Coron is NOT on the island of Coron but on the larger, neighbouring island of Busuanga).

Tribal Adventures provides a tent, a sleeping pad each and a representative will help you navigate the markets for purchasing provisions needed for the two nights staying on white sandy beaches that dot the coastline of Coron. Typically, paddlers opt for one night under the stars in the tent and another in a bamboo ‘nipa’ hut. The boat captain will point out some choice camping spots on the boat trip to the drop-off point.

Tribal Adventures can also provide a snorkel and mask and a butane stove should you want. There’s no extra charge.

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