A hidden gem for adventure, Panay offers everything from sea to summit, from island hopping to inland mountain treks and whitewater kayaking – all accessible from the Philippines top tourist destination, Boracay.

An award-winning Panay tour that takes you from the mountains to the sea, exploring some of the best of the island’s western coastline, from inland waterfalls to island hikes.

3 days
Antique, Panay Island
5.00 / 2 reviews

A 7-day adventure holiday that connects the Philippines’ top 2 tourist destinations: Palawan and Boracay, giving an awesome mix of relaxation and adventure.

7 days
Busuanga, Palawan

An 5-day adventure that takes you across the breadth of Panay, from the beautiful Gigantes islands of northern Iloilo, to the mountains and rivers of Antique.

5 days
Panay Island
Escape the crowds of Boracay on adventure-packed day trip with white water river kayaking, hiking, cliff diving at waterfalls, and a relaxing dip in kawa hot tubs.
Full day
Tibiao, Antique, Panay
4.50 / 2 reviews