Explore mangrove estuaries, go on mountain hikes, and visit wildlife sanctuaries to come up close and personal with some of the local wildlife, which surprisingly, includes giraffe and zebra.

A full day by 4x4 to come face to face with giraffes, zebra, and other wildlife before hiking through tropical rainforest for a grilled lunch at inland rock pools.
Full day
Calauit, Busuanga, Palawan

A 7-day adventure holiday that connects the Philippines’ top 2 tourist destinations: Palawan and Boracay, giving an awesome mix of relaxation and adventure.

7 days
Busuanga, Palawan
With the help of a local Tagbanua guide, you’ll cruise Northern Busuanga in search of Dugongs, and with some luck, snorkel and come face to face with the gentle giants.
Full day
Busuanga, Palawan

Explore northern Busuanga on a 2-day activity-packed Calauit Safari that takes you from kayaking crystal clear seas to hiking inland waterfalls.

2 days
Busuanga, Palawan
Ground zero for wreck and reef diving, Palawan SandCastles is an adventure camp for kayaking, mountain biking and snorkeling in northern Busuanga.Kayak Inn
3 days +
Busuanga, Palawan
Camp under the stars and act out a Robinson Crusoe life for 24 hours on an idyllic palm-fringed and coral-ringed tropical island.
24 hours
Discover one paddle stroke at a time the majesty and drama of Coron's undercut cliff timetunnels before entering the Secret Lagoon, a sacred place with its own language demanding silence on pain of punishment.
9 hours