Adventure A-Z

From A to Z — This is Tribal Adventures in a rhyme

Adventure — package stay & play with little to pay
Bike — Busuanga single tracks & “the rainforest way”
Canyon — cascading Sagada waterfalls galore
Dugong — snorkel & be in awe, just offshore
Environment — plastic’s a No No
Filming — anything’s a Go
Guides — brainy nongs, feet with thongs
Hotels — rooms with fans or aircons costing songs
Islands — sandy, quiet, without a sand flee
Jelly fish — stings like a bee prompting a pee
Kawa — crazy fire pot, a human sacrifice?
Land Rover — gets to the remotest terraces all growing organic rice
Mountains — home to villagers, folklore & thick foliage
Nautical — bancas, kayaks–we do the mileage
Octopus — sacred to the Tagbanua is the Giant Octopus
Paddle — like the natives we kayakers paddle — no fuss
Quiet — avoid crowds, seek lagoons so secret
Retreat — riverside Kayak Inn is such a treat
SandCastles — in Boracay & Busuanga, each with beaches & warm water
Tibiao — kayak river, cool, with rushing whitewater
Unique — activities, tours, expeditions, rooms
Value — easy on the pocket, no surprise looms
Xtreme — Cobra or Red Bull will make us do the distance
Yes — we will tailor your trip at your insistence
Zebra — nothing’s too hard, a zebra to ride–persistence

                                  Nature’s our guide

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Tribal Admin
<p>As a foreign correspondent for Reuters, The Financial Times and the Sydney Morning Herald, Greg Hutchinson (Tribal Admin), interprets all matters Philippine to readers abroad. As CEO and principal adventure guide, his readers have returned as curious travellers to get an informative take on a colourful, activities-rich country brimming with charismatic characters, a writer’s bread and butter, and the catalyst to life-changing experiences for all but the most jaded visitor</p>


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