Covid-safe tours

Clean & sanitized cars, vans, boats, kayaks, paddle boards, bicycles, snorkels/masks

Car capacity 2 passengers + driver

Van capacity 5 passengers + driver.

Banca boat capacity 50% maximum registered capacity. Note: Every banca trip carries a guide or cook acting as health guardian arm-support boarding, food and drink prepared following strict safety protocols

Equipment, food service, drinks on tour
Kayaks & tents, PFDs and spray skirts thoroughly cleaned prior to use
For overnight trips clean camping equipment & sleeping gear is placed into labelled plastic bags as single or double occupancy
Paddle handles sanitized prior to being used.
Tents, toilet and shower facilities erected by crew & cleaned by sanitation guardian after erection and regularly thereafter
Note: While the threat of Covid-19 persists clients enter and exit their kayaks without physical assistance of guide and crew beyond aiding in the stabilisation of the kayaks at either ends of the kayak/s. This means that clients need to have some experience with sea kayaking in enclosed, sit-in sea kayaks. Should clients have no such experience they need to advise Tribal Adventures so the company can prepare sit-on sea kayak/s in lieu.
F&B, Water
Day trip packed meals prepared & packed by one person only, whose hands are cleaned with soap, face masked
For meals other than packed meals, as far as possible food will be cooked on site and served individually
EACH CLIENT SHOULD BRING THEIR OWN WATER BOTTLE, Tribal Adventures suspending provision of sterilised water bottles while Covid threat persists
Observing sanitation, we will urge eating off fire-safe banana leaves but if inconvenient clients will be assigned newly-washed and stored plates, cups, glassware, eating utensils for each tour participant: A dispenser holding plates etc will be provided such participants.
On overnight trips we will urge clients to clean and stash away their assigned eating and drinking vessels and utensils.
Tribal Adventures supplies fresh spring water in bulk for drinking, the tap of which is wiped with sanitizer after each use. For further questions please contact

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