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More than two decades on from writing a cover story for the Philippine Airlines magazine Mabuhay it’s clear Coron’s the posterchild for Indigenous Rights in the Philippines. Gone is the tuboculosis prevalent in the late 1990s. Mushrooming are schools, which mean children need no longer be absent from family and their island home. Progress has

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Transport Clean & sanitized cars, vans, boats, kayaks, paddle boards, bicycles, snorkels/masks Car capacity 2 passengers + driver Van capacity 5 passengers + driver. Banca boat capacity 50% maximum registered capacity. Note: Every banca trip carries a guide or cook acting as health guardian arm-support boarding, food and drink prepared following strict safety protocols Equipment,

From A to Z — This is Tribal Adventures in a rhyme Adventure — package stay & play with little to pay Bike — Busuanga single tracks & “the rainforest way” Canyon — cascading Sagada waterfalls galore Dugong — snorkel & be in awe, just offshore Environment — plastic’s a No No Filming — anything’s

If you are reading this, you’re either planning a trip to Coron, or are probably sitting in a café somewhere in Coron town trying to add some action to your holiday. Either way, we’ve drawn up a list of things to do in Coron that we think you shouldn’t miss – or at least should

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