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Half day Busuanga bike or hike

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Do a half-day hike or bike that fits your interest and fitness level! You can delve into local culture, hike into jungle waterfalls and do truly cool mountain biking, crossing scores of rivers and creeks.

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You have a half a day up your sleeve? Tell us what you like doing and we’ll set it in train. We know the area. Here are some of things we love to do:

  1. Hiking or biking to the nearby village of Lakdayan. There you pick up the local colour of an indigenous community with special traditions, including unique ceremonies. There’s such a respect for their elderly that members of the native Tagbanua clan will take pains to fit out their parents for their coffin. No its far from an insult, the ultimately show of respect in fact! Included: guide carrying bulk drinking water, personal returnable filled water bottle, snack. Duration 3 hours. Degree of difficulty hiking 1/5; biking 2/5
    Coffin culture
    Sinok of the Tagbanua tribe makes a masterly job of his mother’s coffin

    2. Take a 45 minute ride in a car to Amaha, from where we’ll hike for 75 minutes to Sinibayan waterfalls, with multi-level rock pools set within a lush rainforest with towering trees. After swimming, clambering and relaxing it’s a 30 minute hike out to the pick-up. Included: Use of car, guide carrying bulk water, returnable filled water bottles, snack. Duration 4 hours. Degree of difficulty: 3/5

    Waterfall hike
    A freshwater rockpool at Sinibayan Waterfalls

    3. Get dropped off at Marie’s sari-sari store, which we’ve named Starbikes because it’s where we bikers finish our blast of the awesome single tracks of Sugod. We’ll go as far as Roger’s farm on the westerly track or to Reggy’s farm on the southerly track. Yes, we retrace our steps–but it’s faster on the way back along the carabao (waterbuffalo) tracks. It’s really pretty riding through farmland, rainforest and bamboo forests, crossing lots of creeks and small rivers. It’s also flat to undulating, suiting competent mountain bikers. But you don’t have to be skilled. Included: guide carrying bulk drinking water; returnable water bottle filled with water; snack, drink at Starbikes; Car drop-off and pickup (though most opt to pedal the 3 kms back to SandCastles). Duration: 4 hours. Degree of difficulty 3/5

    Sugod single tracks
    Busuanga Bike

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